Dad of 1

My five for Friday, vacation kicks ass!

Parents, coaches and kids

My six year old son joined a flag football league this year with a little hesitation from his mom. With a gentle push, I got her to agree to let him play.

He really wanted to play because three kids from his baseball team were playing. We were guaranteed the four boys would be on the same team, through the politics of the league. I know, politics in a children’s league.

Anyway, fast forward through a few practices. He loves it. He is into the sport and learning the game. The coaches are great. They are the three dads of the aforementioned kids.

However, it seems this little football league is following the same path as the baseball team. Our team is stacked with the best athletes while the other teams lack talent. There were “tryouts” and a “draft” to prohibit this. Ha.

I’m ok with this. It helps my son become better while having fun. I always cheer for the other team when they make good plays as do the coaches and parents.

BUT, these coaches seem to have already hand picked the quarterback and running backs. My son was not one of them. Was he given a fair shot to earn of those position? Eh, I don’t think so. But, again, I’m ok with it. There are other positions. And he’s having fun, that’s what matters.

The problem here is mom, my ex. She thinks that our son should be the coveted QB or RB. Her husband of course agrees. So they are both pouting as we watched practice. He even quit assisting the coaches. He helped last week but refused this week. I pitched in and helped.

Their body language was obvious to all. My ex even called the head coach over during practice and asked if the kids were going to get to try all of the positions. He obliged to please her.

I do think its way too early for a kid to pick one sport or one position, so I agree with her to a point. But that is the way our youth programs are run these days. I just wish my ex and her husband would have taken a different approach. Their attitude is a reflection of me.

We need to let the parents parent, the coaches coach and the kids be kids.


I was tagged by imexperiencednotbitter so here we go.

Name: Jason

URL: dadof1

Nickname: Jas or Paco, long story on Paco

Birthday: September 29

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6’0

Time Zone: CST

What time and date is it there: 8:13pm, 8/25/2014

Average hours of sleep I get each night: Six, you can sleep when you’re dead!

The last thing I googled: airport transportation

First word that comes to mind: Vacation and boobs, I need both

What I last said to a family member: “Congratulations,” and “You’re fucked.” My brother just had his third girl this morning.

One place that makes me happy and why: The beach. Warm air, blue water and NO work. Also home with my son, nothing better.

How many blankets I sleep under: Two because I sleep naked

Last movie I saw in the cinema: Wolf on Wall Street

Three things I cannot live without: my son, baseball and bourbon

Something I plan on learning: How to invest my money. I know I pay someone to do this, but I want to learn more.

A piece of advice for my followers: Never burn bridges, professionally or personally.

Brain overload

I’ve been far too busy lately, both professionally and personally. I miss writing my thoughts and sharing parts of my life here.

My job is killing me, mentally and physically. Mentally I cannot take it much more. Being passed for promotions (thank you nepotism), dealing with the unorganized managers, last minute tasks and day in and day out headaches of dealing with corporate buyers. It makes me angry, like really angry. To me, it means I give a shit. To my bosses, it means I need to calm down. Whatever, for now, I will reap the health benefits and decent pay. It provides a life for my son and I. I need to plan on making a move in 2015.

Physically, I am on the mend. Just completed my fourth week of PT. And I actually really like it. My physical therapist is devoted and she pushes me. My pain is low and my strength is building. I will never ever take my health for granted again. Maybe this injury was a blessing in disguise.

My son is now in his second week of first grade and he’s loving it. It’s just so surreal to watch him grow. From holding his hand and walking him into pre-k, to him just jumping out of the car and barely saying good bye. A pause button would be great about here.

He has also started football this year. Some of the same kids from baseball, so becoming familiar with the other families is nice. Although the politics exist, I stay away in my own little world. It’s a three day per week commitment so time is precious. And fuck under armour. That shit is expensive and of course he wants all the gear. And of course this sucker bought it for him. He did however earn some of it through some chores.

I took on an unexpected project today. And damn if it didn’t take all day. I have a dining area in my place. And it only serves one purpose, to collect crap. So my son and I decided to get rid of the clutter, table and chairs and replace them with two desks. That way we both have proper space to work. Fancy chairs and all. We are going to decorate the walls with black and whites from our upcoming vacation.

Speaking of which, we leave Thursday morning and it’s time, time to get away and enjoy life and one of the best cities in the USA, San Francisco. I hope this trip helps relive my stress levels. Time will tell (good Bob Marley tune). Hope everyone is well.

Friday, ugh, Grrr, sigh, yay!

I fucking hate when people waste my time, because you know, its all about me. My time. I’ve been utterly abused in this department this week.

School shopping with my ex this evening. It’s exciting for my son to have his parents together and I’m good with that. I won’t even mind picking up the tab.

This work week is officially over. It was a doozy. Let’s leave it at that.

Pool party tomorrow with my son. That’s about all we have planned and that’s ok. This old sack of bones needs to relax. Twenty days until vacation!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Auto museum, so cool!


I have the day off work. Turning on the auto reply in my email makes today awesome.

My son is home with me too although he is currently driving me nuts. It’s 9am.

Physical therapy today for my back, it seems to be working.

Less than 4 weeks until vacation and yes, I’m counting.

Car museum later, pics to follow.

That Day

You wanted to go home at 1pm and finish all the house chores you neglected over the weekend.

Then Monday came along and punched you in the nuts. Boss wanted to get lunch and see 2 accounts.

Chores, eh, maybe tomorrow.

Oh joy

At the splash park with my ex wife, how’s your Sunday?

Good week

My sister had a little girl this morning, everyone is healthy. I love how my family is growing. One more due in three weeks! Just wish my mom was still around to enjoy it.

I booked a few things for our trip out west. Five weeks from yesterday!

I hit a lucrative incentive at work with one more week to go. I plan on pouring it on come Monday. Always chasing that almighty dollar.

I have learned to be content with the single life. To make ME and my son happy is all I need right now. It’s enough to drive me.

I’ve had a perfect Friday night. Outdoor time with my son, pizza, Rio 2 (movie) and now a ballgame. Thankful for a solid week.