Dad of 1
That Day

You wanted to go home at 1pm and finish all the house chores you neglected over the weekend.

Then Monday came along and punched you in the nuts. Boss wanted to get lunch and see 2 accounts.

Chores, eh, maybe tomorrow.

Oh joy

At the splash park with my ex wife, how’s your Sunday?

Good week

My sister had a little girl this morning, everyone is healthy. I love how my family is growing. One more due in three weeks! Just wish my mom was still around to enjoy it.

I booked a few things for our trip out west. Five weeks from yesterday!

I hit a lucrative incentive at work with one more week to go. I plan on pouring it on come Monday. Always chasing that almighty dollar.

I have learned to be content with the single life. To make ME and my son happy is all I need right now. It’s enough to drive me.

I’ve had a perfect Friday night. Outdoor time with my son, pizza, Rio 2 (movie) and now a ballgame. Thankful for a solid week.

Spent the morning in the ER room, broken nose. He was such a trooper. Had to have a CT scan as well to check for concussion. Home resting.

Spent the morning in the ER room, broken nose. He was such a trooper. Had to have a CT scan as well to check for concussion. Home resting.

Things I did today that made me feel good

Changed the bed sheets


Biscuits & Gravy, homemade I might add

Finished paperwork

Deleted hundreds of emails

Booked my trip to San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m so happy to be able to do this with my son. I can’t even put it into words.


I had another interview this morning, two in the last two weeks. This one was tough. I felt ok coming out of it, not good, not bad. I was reassured that I have a “home” here, that I will be promoted soon. I was thrilled to hear that, but now feel anxious as to when that will happen. Patience sucks.

Got some disturbing news about my cousin’s son. He has Pandas disease. It stemmed from a staph infection he had as a child. His OCD makes it worse. Experimental blood transfusions have started at 12k apiece, with zero coverage from insurance. He is only 15 years old and this breaks my heart.

Last baseball game tomorrow morning since he will miss next weeks game due to a trip with his mom. Kinda sad, he’s had so much fun and improved so much.

I have no plans tonight and I’m ok with that. I had a second date planned, but we mutually put it on hold. We both worked til 7pm tonight and just had no energy.

Need to decide quickly on a destination for vacation with my son. San Francisco was ideal, and is still in the running, but I am running out of time. School starts August 14th. We had to hold off until my back healed. I hope to book something by the end of the weekend.

That’s five, as you were.


Ever since I was a child, my extended family members always celebrated the 4th together. One of my aunts always had a pool and a great house for entertaining. I haven’t been in several years.

Well, this year, I made the trip to the Quad Cities. And, I introduced my son to the family tradition. It’s important to show my son how I was raised and the traditions we share as a family.

It was an overcast day with bits of rain. Not the recipe for a bbq and pool party. Some brave souls, myself included, swam in the rain and joined the kids as if we were kids ourselves. Being with my family is uplifting, it grounds me, it helps me feel wanted.

I drove my son around the town and showed him places my parents frequented as they grew up. We even brought home a half baked pizza from one of the places I’ve eaten at since I was his age. I hope he had as much fun as I did.


More like Monday, I had to work today. I put in about six hours. Time has been flying by way too fast lately.

Interviewed for a management position last Friday and they are filling the position tomorrow. I’m a bit nervous. I was assured I was a strong candidate and had the support from other managers. But politics happen, keeping my hopes up.

I’m completely sunburnt. But it’s ok. I usually just burn once and then tan nicely. Plus, a day at the beach was well worth it. Sun, friends, food and cold drinks made for a great day. I don’t seem to get many of these days, so I was happy to enjoy it.

Still trying to plan our 4th weekend. I have my son and I want to make it memorable. We could go home again and spend it with my siblings. We could head to the Quad Cities and spend it with extended family. Or we could stay home and enjoy the local town festival. Decisions, decisions.

I got a new dishwasher and it’s awesome. No longer does it sound like a diesel truck in my kitchen. It’s the small things people.

I want ice cream in a bad way. With all kinds of treats on top. And I want someone to bring it to me. I’m glued to my couch and can’t move.

My randomness is over. Hope the weekend was good to everyone.

Happy Friday. Interview at 10! Bonus breakfast with my buddy.

Happy Friday. Interview at 10! Bonus breakfast with my buddy.

My weekend, in photos. Went home for dad’s 60th and got to spend some time with my family. It stinks living three hours away sometimes. Happy my son had an awesome time. Hope everyone had a great weekend.