Dad of 1

I think doo rags should be taken off during the singing of the National Anthem. Just my opinion, but the truth nontheless.

We have reached the age where smiling is no longer required. Anyway, enjoyed the nice weather with some ice cream.

We have reached the age where smiling is no longer required. Anyway, enjoyed the nice weather with some ice cream.

Surprise visit from Uncle Cory, intense game of Uno.

Surprise visit from Uncle Cory, intense game of Uno.

Lost his first tooth today!

Lost his first tooth today!

Baseball is back

Today should be a national holiday. Opening Day to me is almost as awesome as Christmas morning.

Baseball has so much history and tradition so that alone gets the juices flowing, but the crack of the bat and the popping of the glove puts me over board. I’ve been giddy all day yet my team doesn’t play until 8:40CST.

Go Giants!


Some people have it and some don’t. After this evenings events, I guess I am at a loss and just flat out disappointed.

I took my son out for quesadillas tonight at a local family Mexican joint. Several families were there enjoying the food and the atmosphere.

Near the end of the dinner, a couple, who appeared to be in their late thirties, sat directly behind my son and I. It’s a pretty small restaurant, so it is easy to hear each other’s conversations. No booths, just tables and chairs.

The gentleman was telling his work stories to his wife and dropped the f-bomb at least four or five times in a quick span. My son’s eyes rose to meet mine each time he heard it. Luckily we were paying the bill and leaving.

It was busy, it’s Friday night at seven, so it took the waitress about two to three minutes to return my card. He begins another story and again is letting the f-bomb fly.

As we get up to leave, I pushed my son ahead of me. I stopped at the couple’s table, looked him in the eye, and said, “Next time you’re out to eat and want to drop the f-bomb, make sure there aren’t any kids around.”

He says, “I’m sorry, you should have said something earlier.”

Now pissed, I said, “He was right in front of you, I shouldn’t have to say anything.” I proceeded to exit.

Then his wife decides to chime in. She says, “You’re leaving, so why does it matter?”

To which I reply, “Because I don’t feel like explaining to him why that is a bad word, he’s six.”

She then tells me, “You’re a miserable person, enjoy your miserable life.”

I calmly turned around, smiled at my boy and said, “Let’s rock and roll.” (our little saying when we’re leaving a place)

I am still so appalled at some people and their actions. I know it’s a little thing, but it just irritates me.

Rant over.

Today, my not so little guy turns six. It is hard to believe how fast the time has flown. I wish I could freeze time. He is my number one and always will be. I just hope I have brought as much to his life as he has mine. Happy Birthday buddy!

Oh Chicago

I spent the better portion of the weekend in Chicago for a good friend’s wedding. It was top notch. I was anxious to go, but ended up having a damn good time.

We stayed at a boutique hotel in the Gold Coast. The ceremony was in a 100 year old church and the reception at a quaint hall. Live band, six course meal, you name it, it was there.

I really put forth the effort to reconnect with some childhood friends. We have all lost touch due to life, but we didn’t miss a beat over the course of the weekend.

Old stories, many laughs, lots of drinks. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time and it felt good.

Chicago was the perfect setting. It kind of forced us to all be at the same places at the same times all while enjoying the architecture, cuisine, taverns and shopping for the girls.

I only live about an hour from Chicago and hope to frequent this vibrant city more often in the near future.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


A grand gesture was unexpectedly thrown my way today. By someone I have never seen or met. To the tune of $500.

It was the dealership where I bought my car. I know, yeah right, don’t those places just rip you off?

I am not a repeat customer and I didn’t buy a Lexus, so why did I get this break? The gentleman, just said, “I try and go above and beyond in my job everyday.”

I told him he made my day and restored my faith in humanity. And that is the truth.


I have always wanted to be able to play the piano. I’ve never pursued it and I’m starting to wonder why.