Dad of 1
Five for Friday

I got up at 5am today, that is just way too damn early. Hitting a wall, hopefully sleep soon.

I had therapy today, phew, kinda rough. But I was 100% honest. Glad I went.

Ate some bad ass tacos from my favorite joint. 

Watching a ball game in my boxers.

Yes, I am pretty fucking exciting!



Friday Five

1. Finally went to eye doctor today, contacts ordered.

2. Got recognized at my meeting today, top rep with most sales this past week.

3. Finalized plans to meet my sisters for lunch tomorrow.

4. My car is making a horrible sound when I start it.

5. I got tacos and Zero Dark Thirty!!!

Dinner with my son. Home made and damn good. Happy Friday!

Dinner with my son. Home made and damn good. Happy Friday!

Vacation Day #1

I was awaken by a mower, a weed wacker, a blower and a hammer at 7:30am. Fuck if I could enjoy sleeping with the windows open on a gorgeous night/morning.

Oh well, needed to get a lot done today.

Straightened away my debt plan, everything is good to go now.

Sent off a few emails and completed a few reports, work done til Monday!!

Went and worked out around 9:30ish, yeah, me and all the stay at home moms and a few old dudes. It was actually nice, the people are way nicer and its less crowded. 

Dropped off a gift I had for one of my buyers.

Met my girl at her storage locker. She gave, yes gave, me TONS of clothes for my son. All so nice and even name brand! He is going to love them. Dinosaurs, Halloween, animals, planes, Bears, you name it. It was so damn generous of her, I mean this saved me hundreds of dollars. She has the biggest heart EVER and I am so thankful for her kindness.

Cleaned my entire place, washed and folded all Cman’s new clothes, went to the bank, gas station and grocery store. I packed for my trip home this weekend with my son.

So, on Vacation Day #1, I didn’t really even relax. I didn’t go anywhere. But the stress of work is away and I feel at peace. I look forward to my date night tonight and my trip home this weekend. 

Exhausting day
  • I sat in meetings today from 8:30 to 3:30. Most of the speakers were monotone and not interesting. One was real good and funny as hell too. I got my new route, not very happy at first. But it will be be highest volume route on my team and its MINE. It will be good for eventual promotions, so I am looking at it this way, in a positive manner. The drive will be longer, and that does bother me to a certain extent.
  • I did get a free Keurig and a nice bottle of bourbon, so that was good too. I usually give my prizes to my buyers, but I felt it was time I did something for me. It felt good.
  • I got some new people on my team today, to be honest, I am not that thrilled about any of them. One is married into the Union President’s family and thinks his shit doesn’t stink, the other is lazy and arrogant. And the final one is a girl who swears more than I do and just has an overall attitude. But this is good for me, I will out shine them. And hopefully I can beat their ass in numbers and take their money too!
  • I got most of my debt consolidated and almost finalized this week. It will be saving me money and the debt is gone in 4 years. This is good. I feel confident about this decision. I will not be bitter about the divorce that caused the debt, I just will be happy to put it behind me.
  • I also spoke at length with my uncle this week. I wanted his opinion and guidance in regards to my career. He is in the industry and highly successful. I did not want to “ask” for a new job. But I need to move on from the distributorship. I need to get in with a supplier. His help will most likely get this done, but I need to get one promotion on my own to be able to ask him to help move on up the ladder. He did give me great advice and even shared some knowledge with me about his company. I have what it takes, and by the time I’m 40, which is getting closer, I will be where I want to be. The six figure salary, benefits for the family, expense account, car allowance and may other perks. 
  • Its Friday, its been a long week. But one I am going to close and with a good feeling about it. I am home, no work for a couple of days AND I am home with the coolest 4 year old in the world, my son!
My mind won’t stop racing

It’s Friday night and I am suppose to feel relaxed, relieved and calm.

But I really feel nauseous, light headed and worrisome. 

My aunt is getting more treatment and NOT heading to the hospice, those were her two choices. Either way, she doesn’t have very long. And its killing my dad.

I have an interview next Tuesday and that too is making some of these feelings arise.

I am interviewing with the Division Manager on the wine side. I do not know him. Must gather information soon on him. I hope to be confident by 2pm Tuesday.

I did however get to take my son to meet his pre-school teacher today and fill out all the forms, find his cubby and mailbox. I was one of two dads there. It was so much fun sharing that with him. He has the same teacher as last year, she is sweet and just LOVES Conlan.

They hugged when we entered and he told her about the summer fun he had. He showed me everything in the room, he is so excited for school to start on Monday. He is going all five days!!

We grocery shopped and quite possibly got the most junk food ever. Ice cream sandwiches, drumsticks, cookies, pizza, cereal, granola bars, just to name a few. Not many healthy items in the cart. Oops. 

Fruit run tomorrow to the place I like to shop. Trying so hard to have a good weekend and let my mind free from my worries. 


My brother, his wife and two little girls are coming to visit tomorrow night through Sunday.

I am very excited. No one from my family has been to visit in quite some time.

But I’m embarrassed too. My little apartment will roughly accommodate the six people. I just signed my third lease today, did not think I’d be here this long. My brother was a bit worried where everyone would sleep.

Conlan and I will make do. I gave up my bedroom and he did too. He told me Eleanor could use his bed. Such a gentleman at a young age.

We’ll hit the beach Sunday, Eleanor’s first trip to the “beach.” Should be tons of fun. Conlan is helping me shop tomorrow to get stuff for the picnic lunch. He is such a good helper.

Just looking forward to keeping my self occupied and not worry so much about work or money. Happy Friday!

1st Red Box Movie

Quite an event, love how easily children can be entertained.

Life is so innocent and easy at a young age.

I envy that to a point, but love being on my side too.

Happy Friday!

The weekend has begun!

It was a 12 hour work day, but got tons of shit done, feel very accomplished, but feel even more tired. It should be a nice quiet night……unless I get the urge to go out for a bit. Happy Friday!