Dad of 1
Just watched a no hitter!!

Giants sweep the dodgers, tied for first!!

There is nothing better than sweeping those turds from la.

And no, I won’t capitalize the team name or city.


This happened! I took my boy to his first Giants ballgame, with my dad! It was an amazing experience, one I have dreamed of for some time now.

There were so many emotions, too many to get into.

There are things from this mini trip I will never forget:

  • Conlan’s smile as we entered the park
  • His 1st hot dog (at the ballpark)
  • The look on his face - in complete awe
  • Holding him and explaining the game
  • Watching him hold his hat over his heart during national anthem
  • Getting autographs from the players
  • Taking pictures with my dad
  • Talking with my dad

This was a special trip for me, and after some down time, I realize how special it was for my dad too. He said something on the way to the game today, something that made me so proud to be his son.

I can’t wait to do this again someday, out in San Fran at AT&T Park. GO GIANTS!!

My little guys 1st game

My little guys 1st game